Aesthetic eye lid surgery

    The eyelids surgery, eyebrows or eyes is known as Oculoplastic surgery. It is performed by an Ophthalmologist with a Plastic Surgery subspecialty. The surgery can be performed to improve function , comfort and aesthetics. One of these procedures is blepharoplasty , known as lifting of eyelids.

    Blepharoplasty is usually recommended for those individuals in whom the vision is impeded by skin around eyes or those with a tired appearence. Drooping eyelids are caused by muscles that are not well developed , have experienced trauma or simply have a lot of skin around the eyes . More than any other feature of the face, the eyes have a tremendous impact on your eyes aparencia, especially the area of the eyelids
    The eyelids are the first place where signs of the passing years are manifested. With blepharoplasty the surgeons at the CENTRO DE OFTALMOLOGIA MONTERREY can either repair the muscles needed , restore skin tone and excess fat under the eyelids or a combination of both.

    Mas of 50,000 men and women acquire a more youthful appearance and clean each year, all thanks to blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery.