Eye Cataracts

What do cataracts consist of?

There is a natural lens in the human eye, normally clear, but when it becomes opaque, it’s called a cataract.

When this opacity gets worse, the light and the images seem to be affected in a way that it lacks of focus in the retina. When this lens becomes opaque it is replaced with a new artificial intraocular lens.

The natural lens or crystalline is found at the back of the color of the eye (pupil). This crystalline has three parts, where all three should be crystalline in order for the eye to work properly.

Types of cataracts

Each type of cataract is described by the location inside the natural lens. The most common type of cataract is the one associated with the age, nuclear cataract.

A nuclear cataract occurs in the center of the natural eye, the symptoms more common are: blurry vision, visual distortion, among others. This type of cataract produces a more opaque vision and patients normally feel the need of brighter lights too read. These opacities in the eyes begin at the age of 50.

Cataracts symptoms:

  • Blurry vision that requires the help of brighter lights to read.
  • Sensitivity to the light, especially solar light or night-light.
  • Yellowish vision or opaque.
  • Double images, distortion of images, ghostly images.


Who develops cataracts?

Cataracts are inevitable, the majority of the people start to develop opacities around the 50s, and surgeries usually take place around the age of 60, 70 and 80. The formation of these cataracts is related to the age, exposure to the sun, and genetic factors. In another group of patients, cataracts can be related with diabetes, the use of cortisone or steroids. Cataracts are the number one cause of blindness worldwide. Fortunately this can be fixed with a surgery very easily.

Diagnoses and treatment of cataracts

An ophthalmological evaluation takes place; this consists of a dilation of the pupil. During this evaluation, we try to improve the vision with a change of glasses; in some occasions this change of glasses is enough to make the vision better for a while, nevertheless the moment will come when the use of lenses to fight cataracts will not let you keep doing your every day life activities. This is when the surgery should be done; the only way cataracts can be eliminated is by surgery.

What is the best time for a cataract surgery?

There’s no way to determine the perfect timing for the surgery to take place. The final decision is made by the patient and it depends on the effect the cataract has in the vision and the development of every day life activities. The earlier the operation takes place, the faster the recovery after the surgery.

How does the cataract surgery works?

With the cataract surgery, the natural lens, which is now opaque, will be replaced with an artificial lens completely crystalline.

My method of the surgery: I use the most advanced technique now days, known as, facoemulsification. In this technique there’s no use of needles, the ocular area is anesthetized with drops and sedation with the help of an analgesic. The incision of the eye is of an approximate of 3mm. By this entrance and the help of an ultrasound equipment of high technology the cataract is removed. After the removal, and intraocular lens is injected.

There’s no bleeding and no need of sutures.

Why is this the best surgical method?

  • No pain, most of the patients say there is no pain during and after the surgery. The eye is numb with the help of anesthesia, the patient is relaxed , no bleeding, no need for sutures.
  • The best intraocular lenses of very high quality. For a better vision after the surgery, the cataract surgery requires the use of the best optic available; this is why we only implant intraocular lenses of proved high optical quality. The cost of these lenses is superior to others in the market.
  • Experience with the most advanced techniques. Our objective is to have a perfect cataract surgery, this way we will have a more gentile procedure and a faster and better recuperation.
  • No misunderstandings, the surgery I will be providing to you is the same I provide to any member of my family. We are talking about your eyes, and your eyes demand for the best. You can assure that you will receive the most advanced surgery. I only use products of high quality, we are perfectionists and you will definitely appreciate it.