Glaucoma consists of a group of diseases that gradually diminish vision. Glaucoma means that the intraocular pressure is above the normal limits. Although in some cases the intraocularpressureis normal and Glaucoma (damage to the optice nerve exists. This is called Low tension Glaucoma The person affected will not percibe this problem until very advanced.

In the early stages of the disease; no symptoms exist. Aproximately 50% of the population affected with Glaucoma, do not know it suffers the disease. It is therefore that the annual visit to the Ophtalmologist is of extreme importance.

glaucomaThe progressive loss of  vision it is due to  an irreversible damage of the optical nerve. The optical nerve is like an optical fiber wire with thousands of small wires in its interior. She is the organ  in charge to take the images from the eye to the brain.

Until now does not exist a cure for  glaucoma; nevertheless, the  use of  eyedrops or the surgery, can prevent a greater loss of vision. The suitable treatment depends on the type of Glaucoma .

An early detection is fundamental to avoid that the disease advances.

The glaucoma of the adult can be of two variants – Glaucoma of open angle and Glaucoma of closed angle.