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When we reach the 40’s we all start to experience some difficulty with the near sight., even those people who have had a perfect vision through out their lives. We start to have problems in reading the news, identifying callers on the cell phone, etc.

This problem is caused by the natural aging of the natural lens (Crystalline), this is known as presbyopia .

Normally, presbyopia is corrected by using lecture glasses, bifocals or contact lenses.

Contact lenses have a special use known as monovision. In this situation, the patient uses one contact lens with a prescription for the distant vision and the other contact lens the correction of the near vision. Our brain automatically uses one eye for us to be able to see in a distance and the other to see in a close distance.

Lately, the monovision can be done in a definitive way using the laser. We do a laser operation that corrects one eye with the distance sight and the other correction for the near sight eye.

With the monovision, the eye we use for our long distance sight will make the majority of the work when we observe objects form a certain distance, when we drive or when we see the television. The corrected near sight eye will make the majority of the work when we read the news, or when we use the computer.

Our brain chooses automatically the correct eye for each activity. The monovision can be compared with the sound of the stereo. The audio signal is transmitted by the left and right channels but we don’t notice the separation of the sound and with which ear we hear it.

To determine if you are a candidate for the correction of the monovision, Dr. Villarreal will test you by a simulation of the laser procedure. This can be accomplished by using special contact lenses. The majority of the patients have noticed immediately if they are confident with this optical condition.

The patients that don’t feel confident with the monovision can still consider correcting both eyes with the laser for the distance sight and use lecture glasses. If your age is less the 40’s the lecture glasses are of no need after the correction of your distant vision with surgery.

In the case you don’t adapt to the monovision and you are older than 40, you still have another option to correct this problem. This option is by replacing the crystalline with an intraocular lens (bifocal).
Dr. Villarreal will help you in any way he can, he will provide you with the best options and alternatives and will help you chose the best option to solve your problem.