The cornea, (transparent window of the eye) is in front of the iris (color of the eye) and it is limited in a circumference (white part of the eye).

Pterigium is the excessive growth of the tissue called conjuntiva towards the cornea. Normally, this presents on a temporal side or on the side of the ear. In some cases, this growth can take place on both sides.

Usually this problem presents in people around the 20s and 30s, it is not cancer. The pterigium maintains stable growth once it has reached the transparent window.

The majority of the patients with this problem have no discomforts; nevertheless, the appearance of this tissue gives the impression that the eye is always irritated.

The pterigium is formed by the exposure of the ultraviolet rays in the solar light.


The majority does not require treatment, in some other cases inflammation may occur. When this happens, antinflamatory prescriptions are made, and also lubricants. In some cases, surgical treatment is indicated due to the aesthetic appearance or an inflammation.

There’s no perfect surgical method that solves this problem. In Centro de Oftalmología Monterrey we use the one that has reported less compliations, even if it is a more extended and long procedure, the results are better.