Laser Eye Surgery (Vision problems)


In a normal vision, images go through  the eye, First through the cornea and get a focus point in the retina. It has been said that a person has a refractive error when there’s a problem in the way images go through the eye.

Images are not refracted (reflected) properly to achieve a single point of focus. Instead of this, images are focused in front of the retina(myopia), behind the retina (hyperopia), or at different points (astigmatism).

Generally, refractive errors are the result of a defect in the size of the eye or the shape of the cornea.


A special instrument called Microqueratome is used to make a fine and precise cutting of a surface layer of the cornea, this layer or “flap” remains attached to your eye at one end, like a small window it will be lifted, the surgeon, deliveres the laser by changing the curvature of the eye, then this window is again put in place; adheres without the need for sutures and the procedure concludes.

This surgery is fully ambulatory,  and lasts  few minutes. It uses a type of anesthesia in the form of drops and after the operation, the patients may return to their home.

Before the day of the surgery you need to have this information:

  • Contact Lenses: if you use lenses that are rigid of gas permeable, you should suspend the use for at least two weeks before the surgery. In case that you use soft contact lenses, you should suspend it at least three days before surgery.
  • Makeup: no makeup the day of the surgery.
  • Dress code: no earrings, no rings, no collars, we recommend the use of comfortable clothes, such as sweat pants.
  • Time: arrive to the clinic 15 minutes before the surgery.
  • Transportation: we recommend company that will drive you after surgery. If no company is provided, we suggest a cab.

Recuperation after the Surgery
Right after the surgery, both eyes may be scratchy, if that is the case, we suggest you take any analgesic of your choice (Tylenol, Tempra, Dolac, Aspirin). It’s important to blink normally and to use the artificial tears frequently. After the surgery two plastic shields will be on your eyes, it is obligatory to sleep with them the first night and two days after the procedure, this way we avoid that your eyes get hurt during your sleep.

Restrictions after Surgery
The first hours after surgery, you will start to notice that your vision is blurry, as time passes this will get better. Many patients reach a good vision 5 days after procedure.