Why should you choose Dr. Villarreal?



Dr. Villarreal has many years of clinical experience with  laser eye surgery of thousands of people by using multiple techniques, selecting always the best for each patient and for each particular case. Dr. Villarreal has done around 35,0000 laser surgery procedures.

Dr. Villarreal specializes in the management of complications after the laser eye surgery and  take care of  patients who did not obtain good results in other laser centers.

Dr. Villarreal has received a numerous  awards, national  and internationals, due to his contributions to the development of new techniques applied to laser eye surgery and cataract surgery.

Dr. Villarreal has written several research papers in journals of Ocular Surgery, he has also published multiple columns in ophthalmology magazines. The Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (JCRS) from USA, which has a worldwide distribution, has requested for Dr. Villarreal’s opinion to review some complicated cases and give surgical treatment recommendations.

CENTER OF OPHTHALMOLOGY MONTERREY, led by Dr. Villarreal, has worked on numerous research studies approved by the FDA of the United States to assist with the development of new technology for the laser eye surgery. More than 100 doctors and their families have chosen Dr. Villarreal as their surgeon to help correct their vision problems.


For a better safety, the check up includes a double revision of the eyes and the parameters of the laser before performing each procedure. Our latest technology has been designed for the maximum safety, and is equipped with a laser attachment point and an automatic eye tracking, which allow the laser application to be a success. The laser room has special micro air space and a system of uninterrupted power.

Customized Visual Correction

Because Dr. Villarreal is a research leader in the corrective eye surgery, it is possible to provide a visual correction other than the laser. Dr. Villarreal can personalize the eye correction with the technique and the technology that adequate the best for the eye problem.

You can contact Dr. Villarreal in this address: drvillarreal@drvillarrealcirugiadeojos.com